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As mentioned in other articles, CRIPTEOS 3001 is a symmetric encryption with 2 keys of 128 kilobytes, therefore, brute force attempts to violate the keys are 256 raised to 131072, an impressive number that even current supercomputers and future quantum computers do not they will be in the slightest violation
But the problem that until now symmetric cryptography systems had, that is that both people who want to transmit messages must have both the algorithm and the key, is that of the transmission of the key, which, if it is intercepted, being the public algorithm, leads to the violation of the message.
For this reason, the public key and private key system was invented, a complicated system based on the properties of prime numbers, which used the public key, very slow in coding, practically only to transmit the private key. Also symmetric key algorithms , based on the AES256 standard, were very slow and unsuitable for large amounts of data.
CRIPTEOS 3001, supported by some Italian patents, proved to be very fast by encrypting half a gigabyte of data in 80 seconds with any computer, 4 gig of ram, windows 7, processor not particularly fast.
The problem of the transmission of the key remained. Until now I said that it was enough to send it with postal mails outside the internet, and I was wrong. I was convinced that a key had to be transmitted. And I was wrong. Analyzing the operation of CRIPTEOS 3001, it can be seen that it needs two 128 KB keys. TWO KEYS. Me who prevents me from sending more keys where the customer chooses the ones he wants.
I therefore identified the correct number in 64 keys. The customer and his partner buy the bunch of 64 keys and only need to securely transmit two numbers. Then, operationally, they encrypt and decrypt with the two keys identified by the two numbers.
An eventual attack that steals the deck of 64 keys therefore has no effect, because the possibility that the customer has to choose the 2 keys out of 64, that is the permutations, becomes 64 factorial or 10 raised to 89 possibilities. A huge number. Since there are 31 million seconds in a year, even if we carry out a billion operations per second, we have 31 times 10 raised to 15 operations in a year, therefore, subtracting the exponents, we have 89 – 16 = 73, i.e. 10 raised to 73 years to find the right key.
Then ROBIONICA puts on sale the set of 64 keys and periodically updates it destroying the previous set. During the period of validity of the set of keys, advantageously all customers and their interlocutors can download the set of 64 keys, communicating for each pair of people the two numbers necessary to identify the right keys.
Recall that the algorithm of CRIPTEOS 3001 is not the stupid cryptography of HASH, which is not safe and it is not reversible, but a powerful algorithm designed tested and optimized in the laboratories of Roberto Montelatici, founder and CEO of Robionica.




in the Genoa newspaper il Secolo XIX an article of ours appeared on March 2

In the world of computers, cyber attacks can be compared to the spread of a virus such as coronavirus. In fact, the first attacks were made with software called viruses. Now they have different names, but generally they are based on three aspects, the malicious introduction on your computer or device, either by sticking to uncontrolled software installations, or with the phishing system with appropriate false emails from friends or superiors, replication on all devices connected with worm technology, any encryption of disks with a ransom note. This was the 2017 wannacry scheme. Now there are the variants of taking possession of the data to resell them or to blackmail the Company. We have seen in the spread of the coronavirus the closure of the areas with the outbreak of infection. Nobody does this in computer science, but ROBIONICA with the RAMSES product monitors the territory and not only the client company, scanning a list of sites and warning when it finds an encrypted one. We also have our own buffer tests, as in coronavirus, that is the VULNER product that analyzes the vulnerabilities of a site in 5 minutes and does the work that an Ethical Hacker, or PenetrationTesting Company does in a week. Advantageously it does not use dangerous Hacker techniques but extracts the contents and identifies the dangerous conditions as an ultrasound technician in the human body. It can be used by anyone, without specific technical preparation. It saves expensive contracts with lawyers and insurance companies that the GDPR establishes necessary with Penetration Testing companies. But the flagship of our products are the two encryption algorithms, patented and tested. Currently the offer of products using encryption uses the AES256 algorithm, which has a 32 byte key. Our algorithm uses keys of 12,000 bytes in length, and in the KEY-LOCK product it allows you to safely store passwords on the hard disk. We know that 90 percent of users if they have a son Robert born in 1995 put robert1995 as their password. This allows easy identification of the password with the attacks of the so-called Social Engineering. With KEY_LOCK robert1995 is only on the PC monitor. It also offers the encrypted, double-length password on the screen, which can easily be replaced in the login credentials of the bank or other sites. At the top of the offer we have the CRIPTEOS 3001 product that allows you to encrypt entire disks with two 130,000 characters each. It converts everything, text, images, zipped files, videos with a very high encryption speed: on a normal PC it encrypts half a billion characters (GIGA) of data in 80 seconds. Attempts to find the key by quickly trying all the keys until finding the right one, foresees 256 raised to 130,000. A number very huge. This allows you to store your data in an extremely secure way but above all to create extremely safe areas. As infected areas have been limited in the coronavirus, we isolate areas that need to be protected, not caring if the infection devastates the surrounding world. Do we have to defend a civilian nuclear power plant from attacks launched by refrigerators on the other side of the world ?. We install two PCs with CRIPTEOS 3001, one connected with the outside world, which encrypts in a super-secure way and, connected with a cable, a second PC connected to the nuclear power plant, the second PC decrypts and identifies any abnormal parts of the message, then passes the information to the nuclear power plant. All hacker attacks stop at the external PC. Advantageously it allows to respect the GDPR in video surveillance systems. The data is encrypted and secure. The key is provided only for inspections by the judiciary or other authorities. Go to www.robionica.net and YOUTUBE with software demos by searching for ROBIONICA.




The possibility of someone falling into error and clicking on a malicious link is endless. Despite all the attempts to train company employees it is too simple to click, and even the best schools have always had the donkeys, who maybe fiddled during the lesson.
The solution is to parameterize our computers. Regarding the possibility that there is malware inside the attachments, it is enough to hijack the automatic opening of an attachment based on the file extension. Currently a pdf can be opened automatically by Adobe Reader, while a docx by Microsoft Word. If we set an empty text file as the default application for documents that have the most risk of hosting malware, a window is automatically presented in which there is a list of applications compatible with the document, window in which you can choose. The choice time allows to eventually understand that a check must be done, maybe have the document analyzed by the antivirus installed on your computer.
But the most complicated case is to prevent the opening of an internet link. In this case, proceed as follows:
1) Activate a “secure” site where the link of the main internet search browsers, such as Google, is proposed. In WordPress cms it is very easy to set up a link to access another site. Both this site www.MY_SITE .eu
2) Set the Internet access parameters on the browser according to the Parental Control setting, but instead set a black list of sites to set the reference proxy as “none” and set My Site as the site to access independently of the proxy, then You can access MY_SITE .eu.
3) In these conditions, when I click on the Google.it link on MySite.eu, I get the answer “I can’t access the internet”
4) To remedy the aforementioned problem on the site MY_SITE .eu there is script code on the server side in PHP that sets an appropriate proxy, so that, when I click on the link “Google.it”, the internet connection is activated and all are accessed the sites
5) Advantageously, a cblack list of sites to be avoided can be added.

The problem of the hacker attack is then moved from the internal defense to the company to the defense of MY_SITE .eu. I did tests on my sites written in WordPress but the process must be industrialized, as WordPress itself is a source of vulnerability and therefore MY_SITE .eu could in turn become a gateway to malware, an increasingly treacherous gateway. depending on how many users consider it appropriate to follow these guidelines.
A) Create a site MY_SITE .okay in pure HTML5 language, without using cms tools like WordPress or others. The site is quite simple and therefore it could cost from 3,000 to 5,000 euros.
B) Verify that the company that builds the site has the necessary sensitivity to computer security, both in terms of password management and users and in software construction.
C) Use our VULNER product to verify the correctness of the developer not to put known or potential vulnerabilities on the site The problem of the hacker attack is then moved from the internal defense to the company to the defense of MY_SITE .eu. I did tests on my sites written in WordPress but the process must be industrialized, as WordPress itself is a source of vulnerability and therefore MY_SITE .eu could in turn become a gateway to malware, an increasingly treacherous gateway. depending on how many users consider it appropriate to follow these guidelines.
D) Check that the company that builds the site MY_SITE .okay is certified as a Cyber Security manufacturer.
E) Choose a provider that has a proxy that has the characteristics to respect point D
F) Do not allow others to make updates on MY_SITE .okay, except for the certified company referred to in point D
G) Have the aforementioned company enter the PHP code on the server side that sets the proxy as described in points 4 and D.
H) Use our KEY-PSW-LOCK product to more securely change the MY_SITR .okay passwords, all passwords must be encrypted.
I) Check the correct use of the site MY_SITE .okay with appropriate network traffic analysis software.
identifying possible fraudulent accesses.

It is not possible to do security without spending a euro, but you can spend a few thousand euros instead of millions of euros and you become independent of the human factor, which many identify as the weak point of the chain of defense against cyber attacks. If there are hundreds of MY_SITE .okays you can create defensive “forts” against PHISHING, as in our RAMSES software you create defense forts against the RANSOMWARE that can even lead to protecting the entire national territory.
NOTE: DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS DOCUMENT, if necessary make a series of PRINT SCREEN that you can compose in one of your documents, so that there is no possibility of infection. It is better not to trust anyone. ZERO TRUST. The devil bathes in a pool of holy water in the morning …
TO THIS POINT: to the friends of the big companies that deal with cyber security, as you can see we were able to climb the mountain on paths that others considered impractical; at this point we need to bring the troops to the top of the mountain, the effort is to bring the elephants like Hannibal to the Alps, elephants that can be hundreds of vendors that until now have been busy selling the fruits of their backyard ignoring the need to make synergies that exceed also the advantages of your business. Of course, millions of euros have been invested in solutions that seemed good but that show their flaws of self-centeredness, it is hard to admit that so much money has been spent in the wrong way, but in these last 10 years I have thrown away tons of Kbytes of written software, because I was not satisfied with the result achieved. At this point, ignoring these solutions could lead one to suspect a connivance with “the enemy”, there are always opportune articles of the Italian Penal Code that heavily punish those who cleverly do not realize how cyberwarfare is.
okay passwords, all passwords must be encrypted.

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